FAQ for Fit ;o)

Q: Wen I run the fit process in a calibration spectra, the ChiSqr approch to zero. Adjusting the singlets for the error lines near to the baseline the ChiSqr goes to zero, but not to one, the ideal value. How its works?

A: The ChiSqr is defined as the sum_i((d_i-m_i)2)/[scaling factor] therefore it approaches zero as the model improves. d_i are measuring data points, and m_i are model data points.

Q: how do i do to convert a file *.spe to file *.exp?

A: I do not know the format of a spe file, so I can not help you there. However there is a definition of an exp file in the help file at http://www.hjollum.com/jari/zzbug/fit/help/ .