Thursday, December 25, 2008

[en] Then I finally got my Ph.D.

Friday the 17th og Oct var a big day for me. After almost four years of struggle I was to defend my Ph.D. thesis on the H.C. Ørsteds institute. It went well. After 45 min of talk and 1½ hours of questioning, the opponents withdrew to vote on a verdict. At the same time I waited with supervisors, colleages, friends and family for the verdict. It took a while, but then they got back and read the verdict out loud, and vupti, then I was a Ph.D.!

In the evening I had invited everyone for a little get-together at home. There were quite a few guests, and it wasw very cozy.

Pictures from the entire day are available here.

My thesis is available here and my talk is available here.

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