Fit ;o) 

Analysis program for Mössbauer spectroscopy.

by Jari í Hjøllum.

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  • Download and use the program for free!
  • Fit and calibrate Mössbauer spectra.
  • Save and load fitted spectra.
  • Export data to other programs (incl. LaTeX, Excel, Origin).
  • Print the spectra.


  • [2010-09-30] NEWS: The program has now been released as open source under the GPL v.2 license. To download the source code go to the forum and download it there. If you are not a user, you will have to register.
    Simulateously, a new version, the first open-source/last non-open-source, has been released.
  • It is actually old news, but a paper has been posted to [link] about Fit;o), and I am in the process of preparing the source code for open release. It will most likely be released under the GPL v.2 license.
    Cheers, J
  • The old forum has gotten overrun by spammers, so I have decided to move the forum to Google Groups. See the menu entries on the left. This should also make the communication easier.
    Cheers, J


Fit ;o) is a Mössbauer fitting and analysis program written in Borland Delphi. It has a complete graphical user interface that allows all actions to be carried out via mouse clicks or key shortcut operations in a WYSIWYG fashion. The program does not perform complete transmission integrals, and will therefore not be suited for a complete analysis of all types of Mössbauer spectra. Instead, the program is intended for application on complex spectra resulting from typical mineral samples, in which many phases and different crystallite sizes are often present at the same time. The programmakes it possible to fit the spectra with Gaussian, Lorentzian, Split-Lorentzian, Pseudo-Voigt, Pseudo-Lorentz and Pearson-VII line profiles for individual components of the spectra. This feature is particularly useful when the sample contains components, that are affected by effects of relaxation or interaction among particles. Fitted spectra may be printed, fits saved, data files exported for graph creation in other programs, and analysis tables and reports may be exported as plain text or LaTeX files. With Fit ;o) even an inexperienced user can analyze and fit relatively complex Mössbauer spectra of mineralogical samples quickly without programming knowledge.

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